A simple way to move your subscribers from your email service provider to Encharge is with a webhook. Your subscribers only have to click on a link to opt-in.

Table of contents

  1. Tools Used
  2. Directions
  3. Things to Consider
  4. How To Format URL Parameters (Contact Field and Values)

Tools Used

  • Encharge - Marketing automation and email software tool


  1. Create an Encharge Flow with a “Receive Webhook” trigger.

  2. Copy webhook url and pass in subscriber details (like first name, last name, email, etc) with email service provider variables.

Example: https://api.encharge.io/v1/hooks/123?email={{ contact.EMAIL }}&firstName={{ contact.FIRSTNAME }}

  1. Insert the above webhook url with appended subscriber variables into a test email and click on link.

  2. Receive data via webhook and map data to Encharge contact fields.

Things to Consider

  • Make sure to add all the custom fields you want to keep from your current email service provider and add to Encharge.
  • Add an email to your Encharge Flow to confirm your subscriber has been migrated to your new system.
  • Consider sending your subscribers more than one email so you have more chances to migrate subscribers.
  • You can also use other channels to send your webhook like text message or even manually sending them if you don’t have lots of subscribers.

How To Format URL Parameters (Contact Field and Values)

  • Append data to your Encharge webhook by adding a question mark
    • https://api.encharge.io/v1/hooks/123?
  • Then append one url parameter with a field name and value
    • https://api.encharge.io/v1/hooks/123?email={{ contact.EMAIL }}
  • If you want to add multiple parameters, seperate each field and value with an ampersand symbol (&)
    • https://api.encharge.io/v1/hooks/123?email={{ contact.EMAIL }}&firstName={{ contact.FIRSTNAME }}