Inside we’ll show you a low-risk strategy on how a dependable customer feedback process can develop an avalanche of momentum for your marketing and business growth.

Table of contents

  1. Where Should I Start My Marketing Strategy?
  2. What Is a Poor Product Experience?
    1. Customer Feedback Loop

Where Should I Start My Marketing Strategy?

Start your marketing strategy with your product. Why? Because the best marketing in the world can’t save you from a poor product experience.

What Is a Poor Product Experience?

At the root, missing your customer’s expectations creates a poor experience with your product. This is due to not clearly communicating with your customer.

It’s helpful to understand your customer’s journey and evaluate the touch points with your company’s messaging has with your customers.

Questions to consider:

  • Are your product images and videos accurate and up to date?
  • Do you have frequently asked questions and answers?
  • Do you have testimonials to highlight aspects of your product from your customer’s perspective
  • Are your promotional offers up to date?
  • Is your team clearly communicating over phone and email?

Examples of channels to evaluate customer touch points:

  • Website
  • Directories
  • Ads
  • Phone
  • Email

Customer Feedback Loop

Customer Feedback Process

Avoid using generic terms like “luxury” because your idea of luxury will be different than your guests.